This conference envisages providing opportunities to the user departments in Haryana to share their successful GIS projects for the benefit of all other departments; also to discuss the shortcomings in deliverable, if any, and suggestions to address the same in future GIS assignments. Some commonly observed hindrances in taking the geospatial technology to the operational level include the following:
  1. Expensive proprietary softwares
  2. Difficult technical jargon in foreign (English) language
  3. Lack of sufficient local skilled manpower
  4. Lack of dedicated GIS staff positions, GIS Units/Cells/ in the government entities
  5. Lack of common standards for GIS data creation and a common base map of the State for all state entities to fill in their domain specific spatial information therein.
The list is only indicative and not exhaustive.

Therefore the conference endeavours to specifically address following barriers:
  1. Use of Hindi or other local vernacular language to overcome/explain the difficult English/technical jargon.
  2. Explore the use of Open Source GIS tools at operational level to make it financially viable/affordable.
  3. Sharing the experience of previous GIS projects, identify weak links and discuss/ devise strategies to avoid those pitfalls in future projects.
  4. Promote innovations by motivating researchers/academia to work on path-breaking research and development projects.
  • Plenary sessions
  • Technical session
  • Symposium
  • Exhibition
  • Poster presentation