Society for Geo-informatics and Sustainable Development (SGSD) is a NGO registered under Society Registration Act 1860 (and reamendmented by Punjab amendment act 1957), with its head office at V.P.O. – Rohat District - Sonipat, (Haryana) having its operational area the whole India country. We are committed to promote and propagate Geo-Informatics and its application in various development activities. Our main focus is on generation of spatial database, its analysis and use in systematic planning for sustainable development at various scales. The penultimate aim is to take the Geo-informatics generated solutions to the society and facilitate its use by the common people.

SGSD comprises a team of Geographers, Social Workers, Regional & Urban Planners, Scientists, Remote Sensing & GIS Professionals and Information Management Specialists dedicated to strengthen the community service with Remote Sensing, GIS & GPS technologies.

The NGO is also committed to the advocacy and development of knowledge solutions for under-privileged communities through the use of innovative and effective Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The activities are aimed at meeting the development needs through research in the field of ICT, undertaking GIS projects, usage of knowledge-sharing tools and products including print and electronic media, and building capacity through training programmes. The multi-disciplinary team has necessary expertise in all these fields.

Even though common people in developed countries have access to such technological tools and are comfortable in their usage for solving many day-to-day problems, in India, community at large is unaware of the existence of such solutions. The NGO endeavors to bridge this technological gap for the sake of progress and development in the society.

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To undertake multidisciplinary research and development projects on Geo-Informatics and its applications in various aspects including information generation, analysis, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. – Person Name

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